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How I set up this blog with pmwiki and b3

30 May, 2022, at 10:00 AM WIB by Hendrik in B3, Wiki, Webserver (1 comments)

A bit trivia, but it wasn't my first experience to use wiki for notetaking. The first wiki I tried was zim-wiki. It was more than sufficient back then, and it was a local wiki. I couldn't get it work in both Windows and Linux, so I use it mainly in Linux.

Even worse, I can't use it outside my computer, as I have to sync all the changes whenever I edit it somewhere else. It wasn't ideal for a long term solution. Exporting it to web pages was an option, but I couldn't edit it, I can only read the exported web pages.

Giving that a thought, after half a decade, I decided that it wasn't ideal to keep using zim. I need a solution that works practically everywhere, even if it requires internet connection. It must be synced easily, that I can access it even from my work computer, and have the edits continued at home.

And now, I have a vacant domain and a webhost. Why don't we start to embark in hosting a website? So I decided to start a website from scratch. It wasn't pretty. Read more...

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