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Downloading From Instagram Profiles

17 May, 2021, at 10:21 PM WIB by Hendrik in Uncategorized, Linux, Instagram (0 comments)

Suppose, we want to download instagram posts from a profile, along with its stories, highlights, and IGTVs to our computer. All we got is our computer, an instagram account, and an active internet connection. Doing it manually would be tedious, so we have to find a semi-automated approach. So, what should we do? Read more...


17 May, 2021, at 09:56 PM WIB by Hendrik in Uncategorized, Instagram, Linux (0 comments)

Instaloader is a python tool to download from an instagram profile. The plus point of this tool compared to instalooter is that it can download instagram stories, highlights, IGTV, and tagged posts, instead of just posts of the target profile. Following through its documentations, I wrote three scripts: Read more...


15 May, 2021, at 10:03 PM WIB by Hendrik in Uncategorized, Linux, Instagram (0 comments)

I came across this interesting piece of command-line tool, called InstaLooter. The usage itself is very easy, as described here. All I have to do is to first install PyPI. I installed pip3, and then I proceeded with git. Following the instruction, I did: Read more...

Tentang Lelang Eksekusi Kepailitan

04 May, 2021, at 05:03 PM WIB by Hendrik in Uncategorized (0 comments)

Eksekusi kepailitan dilakukan salah satunya dengan melakukan penjualan di muka umum. Penjualan di muka umum yang dimaksud adalah melalui proses lelang. Karenanya, saya lampirkan di sini:

Buku Pedoman Penyelesaian Perkara Kepailitan Dan PKPU

04 May, 2021, at 04:42 PM WIB by Hendrik in Uncategorized (0 comments)

Untuk semua pihak yang mungkin berkepentingan, berikut saya lampirkan Keputusan Ketua Mahkamah Agung Republik Indonesia Nomor: 109/KMA/SK/IV/2020 tentang Pemberlakuan Buku Pedoman Penyelesaian Perkara Kepailitan Dan Penundaan Kewajiban Pembayaran Utang. Buku ini adalah petunjuk teknis dalam lingkungan peradilan di bawah Mahkamah Agung, yang menguraikan rincian-rincian teknis mengenai tata cara dalam penyelesaian perkara kepailitan dan PKPU. Karenanya, untuk memudahkan diri saya sendiri, saya sengaja melampirkannya di sini. Read more...

The Gifted Graduation Website

29 April, 2021, at 11:00 AM WIB by Hendrik in Uncategorized, TheGifted, Random (0 comments)

I just recently discovered The Gifted Graduation's website, that is aimed to promote the series. You can find it here. Read more...

Electric Jet Engine

20 April, 2021, at 10:25 AM WIB by Hendrik in Uncategorized, Aviation, ElectricEngine, Worldbuilding (0 comments)

I remember long time ago I learned about the fact that the majority of a modern fan jet's engine thrust comes from the fan itself. Followed through the line of online searches, this article by Samwise from Worldbuilding Stackexchange seemed to agree that most of the thrust comes from the fan itself. Samwise quoted this quora question, and the answers there are rather interesting. However I particularly liked the treatment made in this article. Read more...

Dasar Hukum Putusan Serta Merta

19 April, 2021, at 04:22 PM WIB by Hendrik in Uncategorized (0 comments) menuliskan dasarnya pada Pasal 180 ayat (1) HIR dan Pasal 191 ayat (1) RGb. Ada menyinggung tentang SEMA No. 3 Tahun 2000 tentang Putusan Serta Merta (Uitvoerbaar bij voorraad) dan Provisionil, dan SEMA No. 4 Tahun 2001 tentang Permasalahan Putusan Serta Merta dan Provisionil. Read more...

Pandoc: To Docx

18 April, 2021, at 03:38 AM WIB by Hendrik in Uncategorized, Pandoc, Docx (0 comments)

Apparently, to convert to docx, we have to create our own reference doc (see --reference-doc=FILE section]. For docx, we have to first create a custom reference.docx by getting a default reference.docx: pandoc -o custom-reference.docx --print-default-data-file reference.docx. Then we edit the resulting document in word, modify the styles as we wish, and save the file. It is suggested that we only have to edit the styles, while the rest are to be kept unchanged. The styles we have to change are: Read more...

Editing Page Actions

17 April, 2021, at 04:07 AM WIB by Hendrik in Uncategorized, B3, PmWiki (0 comments)

I had been annoyed with the layout of my main site, as it has too much page actions available by default. It presents to all available actions, except for logout button that would only appear while I am in an editing session or after entering any authorization type available at the time to execute certain actions. And it looks ugly on mobile. Read more...

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