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Hendrik Lie

Hendrik is an intern lawyer with fresh ideas. He occasionally aspire to write a book. His current goal is to have at least one fiction and one non-fiction book by the end of this year. The likelihood of it being accomplished is another matter entirely.

You can find him in one of the following channels:

Otherwise, you can contact him through info at xenomancy dot id.

Here is his active blog spaces:

Daftar isi UUD 1945

22 April, 2021, at 01:48 AM WIB by Hendrik in LawEssay, Konstitusi, DaftarIsi, Pinned (1 comments)

Berikut adalah daftar isi untuk Undang-Undang Dasar Republik Indonesia Pasca Amandemen (sumber). Read more...

Electric Jet Engine

20 April, 2021, at 10:25 AM WIB by Hendrik in Uncategorized, Aviation, ElectricEngine, Worldbuilding (0 comments)

I remember long time ago I learned about the fact that the majority of a modern fan jet's engine thrust comes from the fan itself. Followed through the line of online searches, this article by Samwise from Worldbuilding Stackexchange seemed to agree that most of the thrust comes from the fan itself. Samwise quoted this quora question, and the answers there are rather interesting. However I particularly liked the treatment made in this article. Read more...

Dasar Hukum Putusan Serta Merta

19 April, 2021, at 04:22 PM WIB by Hendrik in Uncategorized (0 comments) menuliskan dasarnya pada Pasal 180 ayat (1) HIR dan Pasal 191 ayat (1) RGb. Ada menyinggung tentang SEMA No. 3 Tahun 2000 tentang Putusan Serta Merta (Uitvoerbaar bij voorraad) dan Provisionil, dan SEMA No. 4 Tahun 2001 tentang Permasalahan Putusan Serta Merta dan Provisionil. Read more...

Pandoc: To Docx

18 April, 2021, at 03:38 AM WIB by Hendrik in Uncategorized, Pandoc, Docx (0 comments)

Apparently, to convert to docx, we have to create our own reference doc (see --reference-doc=FILE section]. For docx, we have to first create a custom reference.docx by getting a default reference.docx: pandoc -o custom-reference.docx --print-default-data-file reference.docx. Then we edit the resulting document in word, modify the styles as we wish, and save the file. It is suggested that we only have to edit the styles, while the rest are to be kept unchanged. The styles we have to change are: Read more...

Editing Page Actions

17 April, 2021, at 04:07 AM WIB by Hendrik in Uncategorized, B3, PmWiki (0 comments)

I had been annoyed with the layout of my main site, as it has too much page actions available by default. It presents to all available actions, except for logout button that would only appear while I am in an editing session or after entering any authorization type available at the time to execute certain actions. And it looks ugly on mobile. Read more...

Koleksi Daftar Peraturan Perundang-Undangan Pertanahan

16 April, 2021, at 10:10 AM WIB by Hendrik in LawEssay, Agraria, Pinned (0 comments)

Koleksi ini dibuat untuk memudahkan saya mencari peraturan perundang-undangan. Labelnya dibuat hanya untuk kepentingan saya sendiri, sementara kolom peraturan, tentang, dan keterangan, diharapkan dapat membantu yang lain dalam mencari peraturan perundang-undangan tentang pertanahan. Read more...

Perlukah Perjanjian Perkawinan?

11 April, 2021, at 11:15 PM WIB by Hendrik in PerjanjianPerkawinan, Perkawinan, MaritalWealth, LawEssay (0 comments)

Perjanjian merupakan perbuatan hukum yang mengikat diri seseorang atau lebih kepada seorang lain atau lebih. Perbuatan hukum tersebut menimbulkan akibat hukum berupa lahirnya hak dan kewajiban. Perjanjian perkawinan dikategorikan sebagai perjanjian domestik yang berbeda dengan perjanjian komersial, namun perjanjian perkawinan tetap tunduk pada syarat-syarat untuk membuat perjanjian umumnya. Read more...

Paten Sebagai Objek Jaminan Fidusia

09 April, 2021, at 11:04 AM WIB by Hendrik in Jaminan, Fidusia, Paten, LawEssay (0 comments)

Uraian permasalahan:

  1. syarat hak kebendaan agar bisa dijadikan jaminan fidusia dielaborasi sedikit
  2. apakah paten memenuhi hak kebendaan
  3. contoh di negara lain paten termasuk hak kebendaan Read more...

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